Manufacturing Process - Double glazed units

Double glazed units

  1. Each piece of glass is cut to size on our automatic cutting table. If the glass requires diamond, rectangle of coloured leading it is done at this stage.
  2. An individual spacer bar is cut to the size of unit, allowing a 23mm overall reduction for the correct sealant depth. If the unit requires Georgian bars it is done at this stage. The hollow spacer bar is then filled with desiccant to absorb any moisture from the air inside the unit.
  3. The glass is then put through our washing machine, which washes the glass with hot water then dries the glass using hot air blowers. At this stage the glass is visually inspected for imperfections.
  4. The glass is assembled into a unit using the pre-cut spacer bar. The assembled unit is now transferred to the edge sealing section.
  5. The edges of the unit are sealed with a warm edge sealant, creating a hermetically sealed double glazed unit.

Adhesive leading & coloured

  1. The cut size piece of glass is cleaned & inspected, then placed on the required template drawing.
  2. The face of the glass is leaded to the required design.
  3. The glass is then turned over & colour film is applied if required.
  4. Lead is now applied to the back of the glass; this process is called 'Back Leading'.
  5. The completed design is cleaned & inspected, then taken to the unit manufacture line to be assembled into a unit.

Automatic Glass Cutting Process

Glass Washing Service

Warm Melt Edge Sealing Process

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