DIY Installation of Double Glazed Units

If your double glazed units have failed & misted up OR you want to replace the existing glass using energy efficient glass such as Pilkington 'K' Glass, you DO NOT need new window frames. Many double-glazing installers will have you believe you need completely new frames & glass but you don't. Replacing a misted up or broken unit is quite a straightforward procedure for any semi-competent DIY'er. See installation guides below.

Internally Glazed Unit Replacement

  1. Carefully place a putty knife behind the bead.
  2. Gently prise the bead away from the frame & remove.
  3. Remove the old glass, taking care to wear suitable gloves to avoid cuts. Ensure the glazing packers remain in the bottom rebate of the frame.
  4. Carefully place the new double glazed unit into the frame, bottom edge first. Ensure the unit sits square on the glazing packers.
  5. Replace the beads using a firm tap with the palm of your hand, or use a Thorex Hammer to tap home the beads.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5